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Winner's Circle™

'Round and 'Round she goes ... and when she stops, everyone can be a winner!

Patterned after one of the most popular network game shows ever, Winners Circle is a top-quality, group-oriented version of "Wheel Of Fortune". The classic TV show has been re-designed to make it suitable for live audiences, business focused question and answer content and lots of audience involvement. It's a team-based show that has all kinds of energy, excitement and twists and turns to it.

A colorful, high-quality Winners Wheel, our custom QuizPro electronics and a custom-tailored, variable-length “hidden phrase” puzzle board are all part of the total production. It's a great look for a great show! We will reinforce your business-oriented information in a totally unique way.

As a result, Winners Circle is a remarkably effective competition that encourages positive interaction, top-level performance and cohesive team participation for groups of all sizes and types. The game is fast … focused … and lots of fun. It is also totally targeted to your group and totally absorbing. Give the "WHEEL" a spin and you will definitely come out a WINNER.