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Think Fast™

Get caught up in "The Feud" -- Your business will benefit!

On TV, Family Feud was a mean-spirited, divisive game that was designed to make people look stupid and confused! That is just inappropriate for a business event. So, since we liked the program's basic format, but hated its methods, we have made some changes. Our Think Fast format is a colorful, full-featured, "Feud"-style game show that has all the uncertainty, challenge and exciting team-style participation of the TV original, but is somewhat more civilized and effective. QuizMaster’s version will keep your people thinking quickly, working together and having fun in ways that will help the game produce some truly positive impacts for your company.

Think Fast is professionally presented to ensure that each individually customized show is different, relevant and totally energetic. There are several presentation options too. For those groups on a tight budget, we can use a colorful, but manually-operated game board -- or, for those groups with a more generous budget, we can produce the show with some electronic and computer-generated effects that even the TV show did not have. You decide. We will make it work for you. But … Think Fast! Then give us a call and get your show scheduled now!