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Roll Out™

Roll out something new and unusual. It's a winner!

Roll Out is a most unusual, custom-tailored, TV-style game show that was created by QuizMaster just for our own customers. There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere else!

Roll Out has been specifically developed to be adaptable for product launches and new business orientations and to help reinforce the key parts of meetings -- especially those meetings which must deal with diverse agendas. It is designed to help players and audience focus on the most important elements of complex subjects ... and to develop new energy, involvement and commitment for the program

Roll Out is especially effective as a high energy "closer" for program kickoffs, product launches and strategic roll-outs. It is a true performance booster for all kinds of training programs and an excellent format to use if your group is going through the process of managing change. We will produce the show to be not only a great launch vehicle, but a memorable, high impact booster to your goals and objectives as well. Great production values and a super format will do the trick.

For your national and regional dealer, reseller, user, distributor, broker or retailer group meetings -- or at your next association conference or trade show, give Roll Out a try. You will be "Rolling Out" a show that has unique flair and can generate top quality results!