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Power Pyramid™

A custom-designed electronic Quiz Game unlike any you have ever seen before

(Great for Trade Show use, too)

Power Pyramid is one of our favorite shows! It is an absolute knock-out as a full stage presentation and is a great presentation for trade shows too. The show features lots of variables, excellent player involvement and plenty of audience interaction along with flashing lights, multicolored visual effects and numerous scoring options.

This show combines high levels of contestant participation, targeted question and answer formats and unusually high levels of suspense. The game’s top-quality electronic and scoring components, outstanding "live marketing" potentials and high-visibility sponsor tie-ins can generate extraordinary values for any group. In playing Power Pyramid, contestants control their own destinies by deciding how and when to use their "Panic Button" lock-outs.

Pyramid is especially effective for use as a draw and reinforcement vehicle for trade show exhibits, too. The show is fantastic for building on-the-show-floor and word-of-mouth recognition and customer awareness and can really help get your points across. It is really effective in building exhibit traffic, improving response rates and increasing attendee time in the exhibit.