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Knowledge Bowl™

This update of a classic TV show proves the fact... The more you know, the better you'll perform!

Our Knowledge Bowl format is an exciting, memorable, team-oriented competition format with the look and feel of a classic TV game show that is still being presented on local TV in many areas of the country. It is specially designed to maximize team participation and place extra focus on specific, high value subject areas. The game requires teamwork, concentration, fast responses and plenty of good, old-fashioned memory skills.

Knowledge Bowl is great for reinforcing need-to-know facts. You decide what is important to your group; this show can emphasize it all. Questions and answers can deal with any subject. Sales skills. Product Knowledge. Action plans. Important-to-remember meeting and seminar content. Speaker comments. Policies and Procedures. Safety. Company goals. Anything that is needed to keep the focus on the things people need to know to do their jobs better. Top quality props, custom game show electronics and scoring systems, custom graphics and an energetic, totally professional presentation will make your show a real crowd pleaser.

The way Knowledge Bowl show is presented will build the maximum team and audience involvement possible. If you like those well-known academic contests, you will quickly recognize that our Knowledge Bowl for business and specialty competitions actually works even better. It is a true classic that produces great results. Remember … Knowledge is power!